Harmonic Arborealism
Long String Installation 2021

“Harmonic Arborealism” is an installation inspired by long string instruments and aeolian harps, that bring resonance to naturally occurring vibrations: those of air pressure changes and plant growth. By espousing the curves of a tree and offering long strings for the wind or other forces to harmonically play with, “Harmonic Arborealism” creates a bridge between unfocused energies. The length of the strings, which depends on the shape of a chosen tree, determines harmonic relations between each tone produced when different forces activate the string –wind, birds, insects, leaves, or human players. The installation consists of 17 strings, each of them is approximately 20m long, that would allow us to explore the qualities of longitudinal acoustic waves on long strings, i.e. sound waves which vibrate at rates well below the human hearing threshold (20Hz). Visitors can walk around the installation and listen to those subtle, ethereal sounds, and interact with the strings as a harp as well.

Harmonic Arborealism is a long string installed instrument, of 17 to 20 meters in length, realised with Diane Barbé in 2021.

It was built as a prototype at the Stromy music festival near Prague, in July 2021, and at the Climate Care 2021: The Rewilding Years festival at Floating University in Berlin in September 2021.

MDF resonator box, scavenged parabolic plate, found oak branch, large beech tree, 17 strings of copper and stainless steel with diameters from 0.3mm to 1.5mm, 17 piano pegs, 34 hoop screws, countless heavy-duty screws, large construction platform (stainless steel).


Installation: Diane Barbé & Vilte Gustyte

Vilte G. 2021 - 2024